Mold Courses

Mold Courses

FL mold licensing requires a minimum of 14 hrs of continuing education per renewal period. We have the following courses approved for mold licensing CE credits.

From FL Mold Inspection/Remediation Licensing Web Site:
61-31.504 Continuing Education Requirements for Biennial Renewal
(1) Prior to the expiration of each biennial licensure period, and as a condition for renewal of the mold assessor and/or mold remediator license, each person licensed pursuant to Chapter 468, Part XVI, Florida Statutes, shall complete a minimum of fourteen (14) hours of continuing education which shall include, at a minimum, all of the following subjects as they relate to the practice of mold assessment and/or mold remediation:
(a) A minimum of six (6) hours of instruction regarding water (moisture intrusion),
(b) A minimum of four (4) hours of instruction regarding mold and mold safety, to include respiratory protection,
(c) A minimum of two (2) hours of instruction regarding report writing,
(d) A minimum of two (2) hours of instruction regarding standards of practice.

We are not approved for Initial Mold training in FL.
A person desiring to be licensed as a mold assessor or mold remediator must apply to the department after satisfying the examination requirements of this part.
1. Passes the required examination
2. Is of good moral character
3. Completes one of the following requirements:
Option 1: A 2-year associate of arts degree, or the equivalent, with at least 30 semester hours in microbiology, engineering, architecture, industrial hygiene, occupational safety, or a related field of science from an accredited institution and a minimum of 1 year of documented field experience;
Option 2: A high school diploma or the equivalent with a minimum of 4 years of documented field experience

Florida Mold Licensing Office:
Division of Professions
Mold-Related Services Licensing Program
1940 North Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0783

Phone: 850.487.1395
Website: http://www.myfloridalicense.com/dbpr/pro/mold/