PHII Benefits

Reasons to Choose PHII for Your Florida Home Inspector School

1. Professional Home Inspection Institute (PHII) is a nationally-recognized name in home inspector certifications.  They offer an interactive course that can be taken online and also offer a free advanced course in addition to the basic course to satisfy the training-hour requirements of Florida.

2. PHII is affiliated with FABI, the Florida Association of Building Inspectors.

3. Once you are certified, you get a free 1-year membership to AHI, the North American Association of Home Inspectors. AHI is a non-profit home inspector society that is a great credential for you to advertise once you are a member.  The free 1-year membership is a value of $199.

4. After you have completed the training and joined AHI, you also get a free inspecthost.com website for your business.  On this site, you can post information about your company, your credentials, pricing, and anything else you want to put on your website.  It is completely yours to customize and you can even allow visitors to schedule inspections and put inspection reports behind a password protected area for your clients who purchase inspections from you.

5. You receive downloadable home inspection documents including an inspection checklist, report forms, and pre-inspection agreement files that you need to actually do inspections.  These forms are included along with the course material at no extra charge.

6. Discounts on additional courses and software offered by Professional Home Inspection Institute.

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